About the project


I have a lifetime affection for geometric shapes, regarding their inherent aesthetics and complex connection between the constituents. Symmetry, ratio, complementarity and coherence are at the base of formal beauty in general. For me geometry is kind of “compressed knowledge” in the sense it can offer you spontaneous understanding, sometimes accompanied by deep, highly satisfying experiences. I am consciously avoiding the mainstream terms “sacred” or “spiritual” with the purpose not to be confused with pseudo-sciences. 
The intent of this blog is to share and give an adequate description of some solids with interesting properties, which happened to be discovered by me. The more detailed descriptions will belong to the ones considered as highly “archetypal” or finalized, some others will be mentioned in a more summarized way. Though I’m not a mathematician, as accuracy is a serious issue here, the presentation will be mostly technical with only a few “personal intrusions”, like names and certain conclusions. On the whole the target is the blending of science and art, where both can be appraised separately, while also forming a symbiotic conglomerate. 
With the fast development and propagation of the 3D printing technology, the emerging new domain known as “mathematical art” is becoming more and more popular. Being an intuitive visualizer, I never start with raw algebraic formulas. As a generality, the simplified process of the inventions is a sudden inner cognition represented by some vaguely contoured idea, after what is a pretty long rational interval, when I try to figure out the exact connections, followed by the isolated logical steps to reach and synchronize those and finally the “translation” of the latter to concrete maneuvres for the 3D modeling guidance. 
My name is Orbán Sebestyén Zsombor (Zéró), a freethinker and independent explorer from Transylvania and this is my second blog, preceded by The Exiled Weatherman.